Ron Crowcroft - Artist


Ron Crowcroft is an English artist currently residing in Woodbury, CT, USA.

He works in a variety of media, including improvised biomorphic abstract and surreal drawing and painting, sculpture/assemblage/ constructions, conceptual art, performance art /fluxus and dada events, video, photography, poetry, soundwork/music, and humor.


Ron's initial impulse to create came from Yoko Ono's art and vocals, followed by discovering Dada, Fluxus and Surrealism. He attended Leeds Polytechnic Fine Art Department from 1973-76, at the time touted as the most radical art college in Europe, where he continued to explore his initial impulses on a daily basis, as well as conceptual art and performance art, where Jeff Nuttall was a tutor. In the late 70's he contributed to many Mail Art exhibitions and collaborative cassettes across the globe, and was a founder member, with Phil Kelday, Heather Rolfe and andrew Blackwell, of New 7th music, an experimental improvisation band that was a leader in the underground DIY self-released cassette movement of the time. He also released his own cassettes, as well as collaborations with Robert Gillham and Andrew Blackwell under the Random Valency and Modern Farmers names. He continues to create and release his own CDs, and many of his soundwork pieces can be found at He is mentioned in Jeff Nuttall's 'Performance Art Memoirs', and 'The International Discography Of the New Wave' by B. George and M. Defoe.. ron has had his music included in many compilations, and tracks have been played at galleries and on college radio stations.


Ron moved to the USA in 1982, and in 1985 had a one-man show of assemblages at The Anthrax Gallery, Stamford, CT, which also housed a punk club in the basement. Moby's band The Vatican Commandos was playing there at the time of the show. Ron sang and jammed with Moby and Gail Rothschild in 1984 at Gail's studio. Ron had a photo of an assemblage included in a book about The Anthrax, 'Everybody's Scene.'

He has self-published and edited various art magazines, and continues to this date to offer his 'Art and Creativity Notes' free to anyone who sends him an address.


Ron has contributed poetry, prose, photographs and artwork to several magazines, and has contributed to online collaborative projects such as Countune and Consemble. His photos from his time at Leeds Polytechnic were used exclusively in Paul Rooney's traveling multi-media piece, Thin Air.

Ron has work archived at The California Institute Of The Arts, University of California in Los Angeles, The National Library of Australia, and The Museum of Modern Art in New York.


Ron continues to explore new ways of experiencing the creative process, including drawing on the inside of book covers (Dust Jacket Drawings), Reverse Glass Paintings, and creating sculptures with lines drawn on found objects using hot glue guns. He also uses beach-found rope as paint brushes, and beaver-chewed sticks as drawing pens.


Ron is available for panel discussions, exhibition jurying, collaborative artmaking, installations, soundwork and performance art.

All communications welcome.

Interactive stimulation is of paramount importance.

Prices for work available upon request.


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